Dead Bundy Releases Captivating New Song, "Ghosting You"

Pop-punk band, Dead Bundy are sharing their new track "Ghosting You" on March 17. "Ghosting You" is a follow-up release to the band's previous anti-Valentine's Day track, "Outta My League."
“Ghosting You" hones in on Dead Bundy's ability to create new dynamics within a musical framework that feels like your favorite pair of jeans. Something just feels right here. The track comes in with a piano-driven introduction, but as the verses hit, the song ascends from a scenic melody to manifesting a raging atmosphere. Lyrics wrap "Ghosting You" with a sense of relatability, keeping fans engaged and drawing new listeners in with its high-energy.
""Ghosting You" isn't your average break-up song. It emphasizes moving on from toxic a relationship and remorselessly unloading the baggage that came along with it. Let this song empower you to make your voice heard in any relationship or situation where someone is bringing you down." Says the band about the new track.