Designer Disguise Share Brutal New Cover, "Move Bitch"

Metalcore band, Designer Disguise are sharing their ruthless, yet fun new track "Move Bitch," originally preformed by Ludacris. The track is the bands first release since sharing their LP, Elswaer in January.


"Move Bitch" shows that Designer Disguise is capable of making any genre into a non stop heavy nostalgic driven thrill ride. The track exudes the undeniably fun energy that exploded onto the music scene in the early aughts, but pummels you with a take that’s laced with merciless music.


The song takes listeners on a strange, yet familiar journey as the band showcases new dynamics which adds a modern take on the early 2000's hit, all while making fans yearn for simpler times. The cover's visual showcases movie classics such as ShrekHarry Potter and the wistful atmosphere of Easy Bake Oven and Bratz commercials, which throws their fans into esteemed moments from their childhood. Clean vocals and piano melodies grace listeners in the outro making the track feel whole and refined.


Designer Disguise have already released a viral cover in the past, as their rendition of "Get Low" has reached 250k streams in the past month stemming from TikTok, proving that they the band and their unique spin is built to last. As they continue to build and activate their ultra rabid fanbase at a feverish pace, they are constantly begging for hints and clues as to what song the band will reinvent next!


"With this song we wanted to bring a new metal vibe to an old classic. Move Bitch is the alt cover that every emo kid wishes was played at their prom when they were younger. This cover brings the alternative to the dance floor. Ludacris goes metal is a vibe for cruising down the street and will be a staple at Emo Nite’s everywhere." Says the band regarding the new cover track.


This single is the first release since the band's LP, Elswaer. The record threads together 10 tracks that molds a spacious story. The record introduces itself in a massive way, with bold soundscapes that deliver a cosmic environment. Designer Disguise highlight their capability to create unique music while keeping a sense of familiarity alive.


"This album is the story about finding hope when there feels like there is none. It is a classic hero’s journey in which our main character Kai is swept away from his planet Elswaer and taken on an adventure. He joins The Nova Children on their quest to find The Flame and defeat the evil New Order. This album inspects how it feels to fight for good and light when all feels it is in darkness." Says The band regarding the new record. "The songs are an introspection into the universe we’ve created, but even more so it is an illustration of our feelings living in our own dark world. In many ways this album is in response to the government, covid, and many other tumultuous world events. This is how we coped during this difficult time. We decided to tell a story. Welcome to Elswaer.’"