Designer Disguise Share Their Ferocious New Version Of Classic 90's Hit "Wannabe"

Metal-core band Designer Disguise are unveiling their rendition of "Wannabe," originally performed by Spice Girls. The track is the follow-up release to the band's fiery interpretation of iconic early 2000's songs "Clarity," "Sexy And I Know It" and "Move Bitch" and part of the upcoming compilation WOW That's What I Call Metalcore, Vol. 1.
Designer Disguise takes an energetic new spin on "Wannabe." The track is introduced with powerfully driven music complimented by distinct vocals. The band showcases their dynamics in creating catchy melodies. "Wannabe" cultivates a nostalgic video, honing in on cozy 90's commercials with hints of the original "Wannabe" music video. Designer Disguise makes this iconic track their own, peppering in a bit of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tying together the overall wistful atmosphere of this track.
Designer Disguise have previously released a viral cover, their rendition of "Get Low" has accumulated nearly 2 million streams stemming from TikTok viral videos and user generated content. Proving that the band and their unique spin is built to last. As they continue to build and activate their ultra rabid fanbase at a feverish pace, they are constantly begging for hints and clues as to what song the band will reinvent next!
"The ubiquity of "Wannabe" is undeniable and has been so almost my entire life. I remember hearing this song from the time I was a child and I still hear it out in the wild today. As a voice and piano teacher this is a song that all of my young students still know today. For this reason we decided it was a song that we needed to cover. We went in a more easy-core / pop punk direction with the track as we thought this really fit with the lyrical makeup of the song. So many pop punk songs are about loyalty and friendship and this is the ultimate anthem in that regard. As a band we embody a lot of different vibes and flavors and we wanted to explore that with "Wannabe."" Says lead vocalist, Jackson Bengtsson about the new track.
This single is the fifth release since the band's covers of "Spooky Scary Skeletons," "Clarity," "Sexy And I Know It" and "Move Bitch" which follows behind the band's LP, Elswaer. The record threads together 10 tracks that mold a spacious story. The record introduces itself in a massive way, with bold soundscapes that deliver a cosmic environment. Designer Disguise highlights their capability to create unique music while keeping a sense of familiarity alive.