Mouth Culture Joins The InVogue Records Family, Shares Massive EP, Mishaps Of My Mid Twenties

U.K. Alternative band, Mouth Culture, have signed to InVogue Records and are sharing their new powerhouse EP, Mishaps Of My Mid Twenties now. In addition, the band is sharing a music video for their new track, "Sharkbait."
"We are so stoked to announce we are signing with InVogue Records. With Nick Moore and Bob Becker behind us, mixed with the best music we’ve ever written, it’s a really exciting time for everything Mouth Culture. We’re just getting started." Says the band about their signing announcement.
"Sharkbait" showcases Mouth Culture's refreshingly unique sound. The track's lyrics ooze brilliant angst, complemented by edgy melodies. "Sharkbait's" visual is crisp and inviting while highlighting the band's original personality. Mouth Culture is sure to draw in new listeners to build their ever growing fan-base.
""Sharkbait" was the last song to be wrote for the record. We actually wrote it the week before we hit the studio off the back of a legal battle with a previous manager and our first real experience with an industry “shark.” We actually had another song in its place but it didn’t have that non-tangible feeling that the rest of the tracks on the EP gave us. So, using the frustration of what we were going through we wrote "Sharkbait." The lyrics are a "fuck you" to the sharks in the industry who just are only good for becoming lessons." Says the band about the new track.
"The title is such a good way of encapsulating everything we have gone through. It felt like the eureka moment and a perfect way to sum up what this has all meant. It’s the shit that everybody inevitably goes through at this point in their life, no matter what you are doing. You will face at least one of the hardships. These songs may have been written specifically about us, but they still remain incredibly open." Says the band about the new EP.