Stain The Canvas Share Massive New Single, "Disposable," Releases Deluxe Edition Of All Fine / eniF llA

Post-hardcore band, Stain The Canvas are sharing their captivating new single "Disposable" via InVogue Records. The track can be found on the deluxe release of All Fine / eniF llA out November 17. The album highlights Stain The Canvas' remix of fan favorite single "Puppet," remixed by RAIZHELL and features Get Scared Vocalist, Nicholas Matthews. The deluxe showcases new singles "In Reverse""friXion."
"Disposable" is relentless as it’s filled to the brim with exciting music that has a major kick to it. Sonically, Stain The Canvas steps out of the box making for an electrifying atmosphere, while staying true to their unique sound. The track hones in on a societal aspect creating a captivating message.
""Disposable" is a reflection on the current times where everything is, indeed, disposable. In modern society, people had lowered their attention span a lot, bringing them to often seek for temporary and fleeting dopamine they find through social networks, living empty and forgettable days, until it'll be too late." Says the band regarding the new track.
"We wanted to release a deluxe edition for our All Fine / eniF llA album because we felt the need to experiment a little bit more with what our sound is. We think these three new songs are a bit different from what you heard previously, but they still have those vibes. Also the lyrics fit good with what we talked about on All Fine / eniF llA: they're pretty sad or pessimistic, and sometimes even more critical." Says the band regarding the forthcoming record.