Stain The Canvas Share Ruthless New Single, "In Reverse," To Be Featured On Deluxe Edition Of All Fine / eniF llA

Post-hardcore band, Stain The Canvas are sharing their huge new single "In Reverse" via InVogue Records. The track can be found on the deluxe release of All Fine / eniF llA due out November 17. The album highlights Stain The Canvas' remix of fan favorite single "Puppet," remixed by RAIZHELL and features Get Scared Vocalist, Nicholas Matthews and new single "friXion."
"In Reverse" explores eerie elements draped over massive rock tones. Stain The Canvas steps outside of the box as whispered vocals dance through the speakers and hints of piano melodies seep in. The track's visual is unsettling making for an electrifying pair. Fans and new listeners are sure to become addicted to "In Reverse."
"“In Reverse” is about a toxic relationship between a narcissistic person and another one who has been hurt multiple times before." Says the band about the new single.
"We wanted to release a deluxe edition for our All Fine / eniF llA album because we felt the need to experiment a little bit more with what our sound is. We think these three new songs are a bit different from what you heard previously, but they still have those vibes. Also the lyrics fit good with what we talked about on All Fine / eniF llA: they're pretty sad or pessimistic, and sometimes even more critical." Says the band regarding the forthcoming record.