Stain The Canvas Share Theatrical New Track, "Puppet" Featuring Nicholas Matthews of Get Scared

Post-hardcore band, Stain The Canvas have shared their thrilling new track "Puppet" on November 10. The track features Get Scared Vocalist, Nicholas Matthews and can be found on Stain The Canvas' forthcoming record, All Fine / eniF llA due out November 18.
"Puppet" showcases suspenseful melodies that dances into an explosive soundscape. Guest vocals from Matthews hones in a sense of nostalgia for fans and new listeners, complimenting the cinematic nature of the track. Alongside the new track comes a striking new video furthering Stain The Canvas' creativity.
"“Puppet” describes the ultimate feeling aroused by a nihilist thought. An idea that starts to settle inside the deepest part of your mind, whispering you don’t like what you used to live for anymore, but you can’t stop doing it since you gave way too much for it; so all you become is a puppet." Says Guitarist Lorenzo Accattoli about the new track.
All Fine / eniF llA is now available for pre-order