Designer Disguise is a band on the frontlines of genre bending. Starting out in 2015 as a metalcore group, the band has evolved over the years combining aspects of pop, hip-hop, and metalcore. The music the group creates today draws influence from groups like Linkin Park, Bring Me the Horizon, Twenty One Pilots, Issues, Post Malone, Chon, Dropout Kings, and more. The wide range of influence is apparent in the groups’ songwriting, production, and performance. The Nowhere EP (2020) illustrates the diversity of musical styles that DD brings to the table. They dropped the EP No One’s Alright in 2021. The group values vulnerability and believes that by sharing our stories we can become strong together. The songs written by Designer Disguise are the real manifestation of that value; hoping that by sharing their own stories and being vulnerable they can inspire others to do the same. "Every Day is a New Nightmare, But It All Feels The Same" is one of the leading singles to their 2023 concept album titled Elswaer. “This album is the story about finding hope when there feels like there is none. It is a classic hero’s journey in which our main character Kai is swept away from his planet Elswaer and taken on an adventure. He joins The Nova Children on their quest to find The Flame and defeat the evil New Order. This album inspects how it feels to fight for good and light when all feels it is in darkness.” Says The band regarding the new record. "The songs are an introspection into the universe we’ve created, but even more so it is an illustration of our feelings living in our own dark world. In many ways this album is in response to the government, covid, and many other tumultuous world events. This is how we coped during this difficult time. We decided to tell a story. Welcome to Elswaer.” Says Jackson Bengtsson about Designer Disguise's newest record. The band has played shows alongside Sleep Signals and Osatia. Elswaer is out now via InVogue Records.


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